Process Control Lab

The Process Control Laboratory installed at a cost of about Rs. 60 lakhs has application in the areas of Programmable logic controllers ('PLCs'), Distributed control system (DCS) supervisory controller and data Acquisition System (SCADA) which take over the absolute control of various Stations like the Batch Process Station, Bottle Filling System, Water Level Controller, Speed Control, Computer Controlled Processes like flow, pressure, level and temperature, to mention a few. It is equipped with recent trends applied in industries like smart transmitters, Closed Loop Pressure Control Station, Pneumatic controllers, DSP processor, Feed Forward Controller, Ratio controllers and cascaded control systems, Spectrum Analyzer and latest Processors with advanced software. The facilities of the laboratories have been enhanced with the addition of new equipment like Interacting and Non-Interacting Trainer Kit, Digital PID Controller, Analog PID Controller, Cascade Ratio Control trainer for Flow Level Process Monitoring and Feed Forward Controller. Students are also trained to design and implement controllers for different processes.